Atelier Bonryu(E)

Pinhole, zone plate, double slit

infrared, ultraviolet, standard, photography

seal engraving


Atelier Bonryu is

a web-site on photography and seal engraving

by BONRYU (Tatsuoki Takeda)

As for the photography Bonryu is especially interested in “Lensless Photography” (Pinhole Photography, Zone plate Photography, and Double-slit Photography) and “Photography by Invisible Lights” (Infrared Photography and Ultraviolet Photography)

in addition to “Ordinary” Photography.

Along with photographs in Galleries which I have taken

wide-ranging topics on the above photography as

histories, techniques, theories, and so on

are described in Laboratories.  

As for the seal engraving (now only in Japanese) I have been learning it after my own way for about a quarter century

but even now I am a non-expert of this art.

As this site is expected to become a rather large one after it is completed I am considering to make a part of the web-page open when it becomes ready to open.  Please, enjoy!

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