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  1. the pages on Features and Applications of IR Photography

  2. A Kindle book: “Complete Guide to Digital Infrared Photography” (in English) was published.


  1. Revision of  pages on the infrared photography (in English) is completed and published.


  1. A Kindle book  on the zone plate photography “Soft Light and Shadow” (in English) was published.


  1. A Kindle book “Pinhole Photography (inJapanese)” in the series of “World of Lensless Photography” was published on the basis of the contents of this web site.  An English version of this book is now under preparation.  Books of “Zone Plate Photography” and “Double Slit Photography” in the series and books of different series “World of Invisible Light Photography (working title)”  will be also published in the future.


  1. A page on “Number of Zones and Depth of Field” is added.  Though theoretically the resolution is improved with increasing number of zones actually the clearness seems deteriorated.  A reason of this phenomenon is investigated.


  1. Pages on zone plate macro-photography (Laboratory: (1) and (2), Gallery (1), (2), (3)) are revised and enlarged.


  1. In Zone Plate Photograph Gallery a page on Zone Plate Macro-Photographs is added.


  1. A page on Zone Plate Macrophotography is published.


  1. The page on Applications of Zone Plate Photography -Astronomical Observation- has been revised.  New pages, DIRP: Tour around San’in District (1), (2), in the IR Photo Gallery have been published.


  1. A page, Kurefushi no Sato Park of Ancient Burial Mounds, in the Zone Plate Photo Gallery is published.


  1. A page, DIRP: Nanatsudo Park, in the IR photo Gallery is published.


  1. Minor revision was made on the explanation of the background light of a zone plate (2.1, 2.3, R.5)


  1. In Zone Plate Photography Laboratory a page on Finishing with Sharp Zone Plate Photographs, Revisited on removal of the effect of the background light is added.


  1. In Infrared Photography Laboratory two pages on Overall dependence on wavelength of a filter, a lens, and a sensor and Spectroscope are added.


  1. A page, DIRP: Ohori Park & Maizuru Park in Fukuoka, in the IR photo Gallery is published.


  1. A page, DIRP: Dejima & Glover Garden in Nagasaki, in the IR photo Gallery is published.


  1. New pages (Effects of IR transparent filters, Snow & Ice Festivals in Hokkaido)  in IR photo gallery are published.


  1. A page, DUVP: Dandelion & Rape Blossom, in the UV photo Gallery is added, where the importance of reduction of the effect of the IR light for the UV photography is described.


  1. The server was changed and the new URL is “”.


  1. Pages on the UV photography (Laboratory) are published.


  1. Pages on orthogonal linear zone plates (Laboratory, Gallery) are published.


  1. Pages on sub-foci of a zone plate(Laboratory) are published.


  1. Pages on photon sieve (Laboratory, Gallery) and IR photography by a full spectrum camera (Laboratory, Gallery) are published.


  1. English pages on the infrared photography are published.


  1. Figures for explanation of a zone plate are replaced by new ones derived by computations with higher accuracy.


  1. Translation of existing Lensless pages to English is finished and

  2. the new version of English pages on Lensless Photography (pinhole, zone plate, double slit) are published.


  1. Errors concerning internal links are corrected.  A part of Laboratory:zone plate is published.


  1. The first version of English pages (Laboratory and Gallery of Pinhole Photography) is completed.  Galleries of zone plate, double slit  photographs, and infrared, ultraviolet photographs are also made open, but Laboratories in English for these photographs are still in preparation.


  1. The site of atelier bonryu is moved from .mac to mobileMe and at the same time the site is revised substantially.


  1. The part of Lensless Photography in atelier bonryu is finished and the site is made open.