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DIRP: Nanatsudo Park

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Nanatsudo Park is an English landscape garden located at the north west part of Mito city.  The park itself is rather new, which was designed by an English gardening company and opened in 1999.  But the area of the park contains the Nanatsudo ancient tombs dug into the side of a hill which are considered to be constructed in Nara period (710 - 794).  Among seven (nanatsu) tombs now only five tombs remain in the water of the pond in the park.  This park has become famous as the on-location shoot of Thermae Romae was carried out in this park and due to the huge box office success of this movie the number of visitors is increasing extremely recently (2012).

Camera: Olympus E-620fs、Lens: Zuiko Digital ED 18-180 mm F3.5-6.3, Filter: SC-70

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