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infrared photography


Gallery: Infrared Photographs

My First DIRP: Mito

As an infrared photograph is an image by invisible lights as described in the Salon, there is no rule in what kind of color the image should look.  There are various methods for making up the photograph, such as, a method of swapping two channels among Red, Green, and Blue channels of the infrared photograph, a method of making up a new photograph by three channels chosen from six channels of an infrared photograph and a visible light photograph taken at the same time, a method to make a monochromatic photograph from an infrared photograph, and so on.  In this page I present infrared photographs processed by various methods as described above.

Cameras: Olympus mu digital 800, Camedia 5060, E-300, E-510

Methods: ir=only ir, v=only visible, ir-v=channel mixing among ir and v photographs

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