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ultraviolet photography


Gallery: Ultraviolet Photographs

My First DUVP: Flowers and Kairakuen Garden

The ultraviolet photographs in this page were taken by using two filters, B+W 403 and Wratten CC20C.  The former filter is opaque to the visible light and transparent to the ultraviolet light, and the latter is a color compensating filter whose transmission factor is small for the infrared light.  The reason why the color compensation filter is used is that the B+W 403 filter has a rather high transmission factor for the infrared light despite of its opacity to the visible light.  For this region one should be very careful whether the image taken by using B+W 403  is really an ultraviolet photograph or not.  If  a nectar guide or a bull’s eye of flowers are taken clearly it may be safe to say that the photograph has been taken by the ultraviolet light.

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