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pinhole photography


Gallery: Pinhole Photographs

In Neighborhood of Kamitakada

The following pinhole photographs were taken by an Olympus SLR, OM2 (silver film) with a pinhole of diameter=0.3 mm instead of an interchangeable lens.  I started to take pinhole photographs around December, 2002, when I lived at Kamitakada of Nakano, Tokyo.  Photogenic subjects were found around my house.  Kamitakada is located at the west part of the periphery of the lord’s city Edo in Tokugawa period and there are many historic temples with tombs of famous people.  For example, in Koh’un-ji temple where I often took photographs, there are tombs of Kira-Kouzukenosuke Yoshihisa, famous of Chushingura of Kabuki, and Toyokuni Utagawa, a famous woodblock artist, and so on.

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