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infrared photography


Gallery: Infrared Photographs

Effects of IR Transparent Filters;

From Ibaraki Prefectural Office Building

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IR photographs so far displayed are taken by using  mainly an IR transparent sheet filter IR76 of Fujifilm.  As this filter cuts off lights almost completely whose wavelengths are less than 760 nm, it can be said that photographs thus taken are images only by IR lights.  In the wavelength range of more than 760 nm the spectral dependencies of output signals from the RGB channels are similar each other and, consequently, a resulting false color photograph is apt to give a rather monotonous impression.  Thereon, I tried to take IR photographs by using a filter with a slightly lower cut-off wavelength.  I used a sheet-type sharp cut filter, SC70, of Fujifilm whose cut-off wavelength is 700 nm.  As in the wavelength range between 700 nm and 760 nm the spectral dependencies of the output signals from the RGB channels are quite different each other, resulting false color photographs apparently become more interesting as shown in the following pictures.   Effects of the IR transparent filters will be described in more detail in the laboratory page of the IR photography.

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