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Zone Plate Macro-Photographs (3)

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     This page deals with photographs of “miscellanea” which are not included the groups of “flowers and plants” and “living creatures in our garden”. 

     A “rice grain doll” is a craftwork made of small rice grains on which a facial expression of a doll or patterns of a kimono are painted in meticulous precision.  The dolls of the photograph represent a daimyo’s procession of a famous feudal load “Mito Kohmon”  who was a member of a branch family of the house of Tokugawa in Edo Period.  A scrimshaw is a craftwork of carvings or engravings on a bone or an ivory, especially, on a tooth of a whale made by a whaler since the 19th century.  After the ban of commercial whaling in US making a scrimshaw survives as a hobby among general public.  The scrimshaw of the photograph was made and given to me by Mr. Rob Roy Bittmann when I left his home after two months’ stay at his family in 1971.  There are various scrimshaw with more complicated engravings but this one is made simple in line drawing with thin line, which was recaptured very well by the zone plate macro-photograph.  To check to what extent small patterns are recaptured we have also taken photographs of postage stamps and a bank bill.  In a page of laboratory of zone plate photography: Macro-photography by a zone plate (2) we also show a zone plate macro-photograph of hided alphabetical micro-characters printed on a Japanese bill.  The hight of the characters is about 0.2 mm and it is rather hard to distinguish them directly by unaided eyes, but it was recaptured by zone plate macro-photography.

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