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     In this page we show zone plate macro photographs of “living creatures in our garden” of the second group.  Though there are a lot of living creatures herding together in our garden other than those in this page, we consider only photographs of those which can be taken rather easily.  There are two problems to be overcome to take a photograph of a living creature such as an insect by using a lensless camera such as a pinhole camera.  Firstly, an object of this kind is generally small and a close-up or a macro-photography is necessary.  Secondly, as such an object usually moves rather quickly high speed shutter is also necessary.  We can get over the first problem by employing the zone plate macro-photography as described here.  The second problem can be also overcome by this method.  Though a zone plate itself has already a fast “lens speed” in comparison with a pinhole, very strong illumination can be applicable to an object of the macro-photography placed closely to the zone plate.  Therefore, even in a dark place a shutter speed of 1/100 sec can be easily attained for taking a zone plate macro-photograph.

     The following photographs have been taken by setting the magnification factor to 0.35 - 1.0 by using a zone plate with the focal length of 50 mm and the zone number of 19 attached to an Olympus E-510 camera.  The photogenic objects are a Japanese grass lizard, a strait swift, a Japanese tree frog, a paper wasp, a zizeeria maha, and a mantis.  Among them the Japanese grass lizard and the Japanese tree frog are rather vegee but other creatures are dancy and a very bright flash lamp was indispensable.

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