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Kurefushi no Sato Park of

Ancient Burial Mounds

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The northwest part of Mito city is rather densely crowded with ancient burial mounds.  Especially, the Ushibushi cluster of ancient burial mounds consists of 16 mounds (6 large key-hole shaped burial mounds, 1 scallop-type key-hole shaped mound, and 9 round barrows) within a small area as 300 m x 200 m, which is now maintained as Kurefushi-no-Sato Park of ancient burial mounds.  The highlight of this park is a 17.3 m tall giant-Haniwa(clay-image)-shaped tower, “Hanimaru” which was modeled after a certain haniwa  excavated in this area.  A photograph below of the left side of the face of Hanimaru was taken at a distance of about 50 m by using a zone plate with a focal length of 200 mm and the back ground light was removed by the previously described method.  By this procedure an unblurred picture with well-expressed feel of material was obtained.

             Camera: Olympus E-300, ZP#1: f=200 mm, 29 zones, ZP#2: f=90 mm, 19 zones

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