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References for Infrared Photography

Web-sites: There are many web-sites on the infrared photography.  Among them I learned a lot from the Fukuhara’s page (in Japanese) and the Bjørn Rørslett’s page ("All You Ever Wanted to Know About Digital UV and IR Photography, But Could Not Afford to Ask").  Fukuhara specializes in the plant morphology and began the IR photography through his speciality.  Rørslett is a professional nature photographer and his site is highly appreciated by many IR photographers over the world and many links to the site are given.  As in both the web-pages many useful links on the IR photography are given, various information on the IR photography by visiting these sites is obtained as starting points of the IR photography.

Books: Though there are few books on the IR photography written in Japanese, number of books written in English on Digital Infrared Photography is increasing with popularization of digital cameras after the turn of the century.  The following books are excellent ones describing equipments, photographing methods, and post-processing methods comprehensively.  Incidentally books on the IR photography were published in the previous century but these were naturally for the IR photography by analog cameras.

As for the image processing software Photoshop CS (CC) which was mentioned in relation to the false color IR photography may be the standard software and awful lot of books concerning the Photoshop are published.  There are also published a free software GIMP which has similar functions with Photoshop.  Books on GIMP written in various languages are also published.  ImageJ is also a free software and has many functions similar to the ones of Photoshop and GIMP, but this software is considered as the image analyzing software rather than the image processing software and it is not so popular among photographers as Photoshop and GIMP.

If one would step up efforts toward the IR photography it is recommendable to convert a camera to an IR dedicated camera or a full spectrum camera by removing the IR blocking filter fixed in front of the sensor and fixing a visible light blocking filter or a clear glass filter instead.  Explanation of the method to convert a camera is found in various web sites as well as in the above book by D.D.Bush.  In the above books and the page on the full spectrum camera of this web site information on the conversion service is also found.

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In order to get a knowledge on the false color in depth it is necessary to learn various technique concerning the chromatics. There are a lot of books for such a purpose and as an example the following book is helpful to understand the basic knowledge of the chromatics in relation to image processing technique.

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