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Yoshinogari & Dazaifu

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In March 10, 2010 the northern part of Kyushu was hit by heavy snow.  I visited the Yoshinogari historical park (a historic place of Jomon Period) in the snow.  During ten years since I visited the park last time the park and the railway station of Yoshinogari changed out of recognition.  Because of the bad weather there were few visitors but some volunteers who were keeping the park in order.  During the break in the snowfall I took IR photographs.  On the following day I rambled about Dazaifu-Seichou -Ato (Seat of Dazaifu government in Heian Period), Kanzeonji Temple, Kaidan-in Temple, and Dazaifu-Tenmangu Shrine.  Because the sun light was weak the taken photographs do not look much like IR photographs.  This time I used Panasonic Lumix GH1 at the first time to take IR photographs.

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