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infrared photography


Gallery: Infrared Photographs

DIRP: History Museum,

Shinjuku Gyoen, & Ueno Park

In order to take infrared photographs of late autumn landscape I went to Ibaraki prefectural museum of history, Shinjuku gyoen, and Ueno park.  I used Olympus E-300 and Sigma 18-125 lens with IR76 filter.  To make photographs as sharp as possible I set f-stop as high as 23.  And consequently shutter speed became very slow as 30 sec.  As photographs of history museum and Shinjuku gyoen were taken by setting the “noise reduction” off, the photographs were polluted punctate noises due to on-chip noise.  At Ueno park I set the “noise reduction” on by which longer time was necessary to take a photograph, noise-free photographs are obtained.  By the way the noises of the photographs taken at history museum and Ueno park were deleted comparatively easily by using the noise reduction function “despeckle” of GIMP.

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