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Gallery: Zone Plate Photographs

Still life and Akogi-ga-ura Park

Photogenic objects in this page are still lives as a matryomin, a glass seat of a gemstone, a woodcraft of a zebu, and so on, and subjects found at a cherry viewing picnic at Akogi-ga-ura park.  A matryomin is a music instrument made in Japan, which is a theremin (an electronic musical instrument invented in Russia) set in a Russian doll matryoshka.  If there  is a small and extremely bright point on a photogenic object, a distinctive pattern of concentric circles are made by the zone plate photography.  For such patterns still lives of this page were selected as the photogenic objects.

#1: f=55 mm, 29 zones, #2: f=90 mm, 13 zones,#3: f=180 mm, 39 zones, #4: f=300 mm, 65 zones

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Soft Light and Shadow (English Edition)
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